I am a British self taught artist, currently living in California, USA. In childhood I was always making art, but after studying medicine and working as a psychiatrist in London, I stopped being consistent in drawing for pleasure. However, I did manage to get a Unit of Drawing from the Slade School of Art, London included in my BSc degree, so my desire to carry on making art was always there. I started to sketch again after having children, and the last four years I have managed to make drawing and painting something I do everyday. To begin with I was inspired by drawing things around me, and trying to document life living abroad (we also lived in Switzerland for two years). Over the last year I have tried to develop my work in different areas in more depth, I have tended to focus on portraits and floral studies, but I have also recently painted a series of landscapes of the Bay Area on a larger scale. Currently, I am focused on exploring abstracts, and have started a daily abstract sketchbook. When I worked in hospital and mental health settings it was often the abstract artworks that I was particularly drawn to, and found the most calming, or thought provoking. For me, now, it feels appropriate to make work that is also about expressing emotions and feelings through drawing and painting. Personally, I need the challenge of working on different subjects and in different ways, though, within each of these different areas I feel like I am growing into my own style, or way of working.